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Domain Name Registered

Domain name; is the creation of personal or corporate web sites on the Internet, the launching of a server or web site, the sending of electronic mail.

Domain names with the extension ".tr" are assigned as "documented" and "not documented".

The "official" documents that need to be passed for certified domain names vary depending on the extension you want to receive.

After a search is made to see if the field name is registered, the work is started to be assigned to the party.

Documents required for ".com.tr"


Only one of the appropriate official documents below will be sufficient for the field of activity.

For Name-surname.com.tr, documents are not required for domain name applications that match the identity information one by one. However, if the identity information and the domain name referenced do not match each other, or if a technical problem arises while linking to the Mernis system, a photocopy of the identity card of T.C. with identification number or a copy of identification card, photocopy of the T.C. identity card with no identification number, photocopy of the printout taken from a web page where the identification number is located,

- For legal entities and organizations intended for exploitation, any of the documents mentioned in the following three items,

The commercial title which is published in the "Activity Document", "Commercial Registration Certificate", "Chamber Register Registration Survey" or the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette, taken from the Trade Office,

"Trademark Registration Certificate" or "Trademark Application Certificate" obtained from the Turkish Patent Institute,

"Certificate of Registration" or "Trade Registry Gazette" taken from the Chamber of Commerce and Artisans of Turkey,

-Publication signed by the mayor for the applicant municipalities to establish a portal for the livable settlement,

- For associations, associations or chambers, "Association Charter", "Foundation Charter" or "Establishment Law"

-The "Tourism Management Certificate" obtained from the Ministry of Tourism for hotel and holiday villagers,

-For the travel agencies, the "Travel Agency Business Certificate" obtained from the Ministry of Tourism,

- For the councils, Ministry of National Education "Private Education Institutions License Certificate",

- For television programs, the "Television Display Document" from the Ministry of Culture

- Registration certificate, obtained from the General Directorate of Copyright and Cinema of the Ministry of Culture for film names,

- Membership certificate for artisans, associations or associations from which they are affiliated (MESAM, SESAM, ÇASOD, etc.)

- For private hospitals, the "Special Hospital Opening and Accountability Directorate" certificate obtained from the Ministry of Health,

- "Contact Branch Opening Certificate" obtained from the Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury General Directorate of Foreign Capital for the contact bureau,

-The registration certificate belonging to the applied domain is required for the companies which are the distributorship or representation of the foreign companies in Turkey. In addition to this, letterhead papers certifying that the name of the named company can be obtained by the distributor or representative company of the name of the named company, signed and stamped certificate of authority,

- For radio and television, the official letter informing of the frequency allocation from Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK)

- For magazines and newspapers, "original of magazine / journalist" and "Certificate of Mevkute Declaration of Honor"

- For unrestricted publications, the original,

- For medicinal names, "Foreign Medicinal Drug Registration Certificate",

- For the farms, the registration certificate from the farmhouse they are affiliated with.

- For Gemiler, "Turkish Republic Maritime Certificate"

- For the fairs, the "Ministry of Industry and Trade Fair Schedule Calendar" published in the Official Gazette or the "Fair Approval Letter" from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce,

- For private numbers, the "Special Service Number Allocation Certificate" from the Turkish Telecommunication Authority