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Patent Research Links

It is suggested that firms which are oriented towards a patent system should do patent researches before they can protect their innovations with patent or utility model applications. Patent searches can be in general in Turkey or elsewhere in the world, examining patents on a subject, learning patents owned by competitors, and thus learning technologies.

With patent searches, companies can learn about the technologies in their field of study, learn which parts of these areas are protected by patents, so that it is impossible and unnecessary to imitate them, can make competing analyzes and find ways to get out of them.

Published patent applications, issued patents and related technical information have been compiled in patent databases. These databases are constantly being updated. Most of these databases, which have about 100 million data, are online (online) access.

Patent search can be done on the basis of subject or firm or International Patent Classes (IPC) using keywords.

You can do the most simple patent search from Google Patent Search here.

Patent applications will be published 18 months after the application date.
For this reason, it is not possible to see patent applications made within 18 months backwards in the investigations to be made.

You can conduct an international patent search from the links below;


 European Patent Office's Patent Database, which contains European Patent Applications, International Patent Applications and patent and patent applications of many countries.


It is a database of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and contains International Patent Applications.


It is the patent and design database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office


Japan Patent Office


German Patent Office


Patent Office of Hungary


Korean Patent Office


Patent Office of Italy