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Patent Registry

Protecting and managing the rights of patents, utility models and designs is one of the most important elements of increasing commercial competitiveness. 

The success of effective protection and management of industrial and intellectual property rights; depends on the choice of the right solution partner. The technical support and quality of service you will receive as you carry out such applications is undoubtedly important

Technical support is provided for the registration of products designs, inventions and developments by our expert patent engineers and patent agents.  

Some of the supported topics are;

Providing solutions for copyright and existing patent infringements by collaborating with the design team 

It is important that all evaluations to be carried out in cases of infringement and infraction are carried out by an expert who is well informed about both the technical field and the patent / utility model operations and the scope of protection.

National and International Researches

Prior to each patent application, a patent search is being conducted in national and international patent databases. A patent report is being issued after each research. In this report,  the most recent patent documents known in the related patent application are identified, and the differences between these documents are interpreted. In the light of these comments, it is mutually decided whether a patent application could be made or not.

Technical Support for Patent Applications

It is necessary to prepare the patent application documents (specification, claims and technical drawings) in a fine way, prior filing a patent application, Preparation of patent specifications is a matter of expertise. For this reason, patent applicants need to work with an expert, preferably an engineering expert.

Annual Fees Follow Up

In order for the protection to continue and to protect the validity of the document, annual protection fees must be paid each year at the time of the application date. These fees must be paid in due time. For those who miss the period, there is a 25% penalty payment within the next 6 months. If this date is passed, the existing registration will be canceled and the situation provided by the document will be canceled.