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What İs The Difference Between Patent And Utility Model?

To give an example in a way that can be easily understood; Let's have invented the digital clock. Clock’s features only show the time, minutes, seconds and date. This time can be patented, but in addition to the digital clock with the same features as "inventive" without making any changes to it, such as the person who added a stopwatch, for example, does not make as much change as the invention step, but makes the watch more usable.

With more technical narration;

a) Where the patent is required to carry the "invention step", such a condition is not required in the utility model.

b) While "methods" may be patentable, useful models do not constitute a subject. It is necessary to be a product for the utility model registration.

c) In short; Useful model document, more simple "inventions".

I affirmed the memorandum before applying to the Institute. Do I get a legal protection?

No. It is not possible to grant a patent right to an explication of the notarized invention. The only authorized body in our country that provides patent protection for inventions is the Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute.