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What Are The İssues That Can Not Be Patented?

Since the following are not inventions, they are not covered by the patent and no patent is granted if protection is requested for them.

A-Discoveries, scientific theories, methods of mathematics;

B-Plan, procedure and rules for mind, commercial and gaming activities;

C-Literature and art works, science works, creatures with aesthetic qualities, computer software;

D- Procedures for which the technical compilation of the compilation, arrangement, submission and transmission of information is not available.

E-Surgical and treatment procedures to be applied to the human or animal body and diagnostic procedures related to the human and animal body.

shall not apply to the compositions and materials used in any of these procedures and their production procedures.

The following inventions are not protected by patent:

An invention that is contrary to public order or general morality.

Plant or animal breeding methods based on plant or animal species or on substantially biological basis.