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Trademark Registration

Before a trademark application, a brand search is required. This will result in conclusion that if the registry could be done or not.  The research is done by determining which classes the brand will be used for. The research result is passed to the official application stage for the brands which are applicable. Using online trademark application, the brands are registered as day, hour and minute and protection of the brand begins. Turkish Patent Institute experts examine whether trademark application could be registered or not.  

The registrable trademarks come to the publishing stage and are published in the Official Trademark Bulletin published every month by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute. The period of publication is 3 months and the objection status is open to all third parties during this period. If there is no objection after 3 months of process, the registration fee will be deposited and your registration certificate will be sent to you. 

The trademark registration protection period is 10 years. It is possible to extend the protection period of the mark forever by renewing it every 10 years.

Trademark Application

The trademark application process can be done by submitting (or posting) the application form generated from the reservation system to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute incoming documentation within 30 days. The date of the application is not acceptable date but the date which the application is submitted to Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute counts. Fully completed applications are processed by the Institute on the date, hour and minute of application. 

Online trademark application made by Kuantum Patent Incorporated; will be processed immediately on the same day.

Free brand research and brand inquiry is done by our brand experts.

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